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Having worked with Kevin for almost six years, I have no hesitation in recommending him to undertake the design, development and on going support for any website. His work is first class and he brings many interesting and productive ideas to the table.

Kevin produced our first website in 2011 and then worked closely with me to develop a new and improved site in 2015. He takes the time to listen and understand what is required, and ensures that target audience receives the information they are looking for in an efficient and attractive way.

He takes the information and content supplied, and turns it around in a remarkably quick time compared to other companies and individuals that we have worked with in the past. There are minimum delays and he is happy to make adjustments and amendments at short notice in order to ensure that the finished product is exactly what is required.

We will shortly begin work on a new website for a product that we have been developing, and I look forward to working with Kevin on this

Andrew McLeod - Director - TerraTech Andrew McLeod



Kevin is not just web designer but he also acts like a business partner, he truly does want our company to succeed.

After we had had the site completed and handed over, Kevin gave us a quote for SEO and maintenance, we decided that it was too expensive and went elsewhere, it was only a few months later that Kevin contacted us and showed us that the compny were were using were not doing the job properly, because of the lack of results my faith in the whole SEO process was severely dented, however in only a few months his team have made us appear in the organic results and we are now using TZG for most of our digitial marketing.

Mohammed Ayad - CEO - FixpertsMohammed Ayad



The Zoo Group recently upgraded our website and were a pleasure to work with. Not only have they done a great job in delivering a site that portrays the professional service we deliver, they are also exceeding our expectations in SEO assistance and areas of marketing. I am particularly grateful to Kevin for being so flexible and supportive, thank you - we are very happy with your service!

Victoria Moss - CEO - RelocateMe Victoria Moss


Bake UAE

I approached Kevin many years ago when I was just about to launch BAKE. Back then I needed a very simple website , just a presence in the domain world. As the company grew so did the need to develop our site.


Lucky for us, during the years Kevin had also expanded his company to offer a wide range of services including e-commerce which we were now interested in exploring. All it took, as it has been the experience with Kevin over the years, was a two hour meeting and the rest was done. He understands my vision and with his experience and knowledge I always feel confident to just send him the content knowing that all will be taken care of. This is exactly what makes working with Kevin and The Zoo group so enjoyable.

Sharis Shibabadi - CEO - BakeUAE Sharis Shibabadi


The Double Decker

Kevin has that rare combination of broad vision and tactical expertise. I am thrilled with the Web-design work he did for us. He guided us through the process of developing a professional looking web site for the business and the finished product is great.


Kevin was tireless and always provided an extremely fast turnaround with questions, support requests, guidance, and feedback. He is easy to work with and very responsive to my feedback and requests. I would definitely recommend his services to others interested in having a great looking web site.

Emma Dubois - CEO - The Double Decker Event Company avatar-2

Quite a few years ago we were asked by a young graphic designer to build a website for The Double Decker.


ILEA Middle East

We found working with the Zoo group to be a pleasurable stress free experience. In a world where it’s very easy to get confused, Kevin and his team put our minds and pockets at ease.

John Quinn - VP SOCIAL MEDIA ISES- Presentologist - Satellite Visual Communicationavatar-1 r1 c1

We were approached several months ago by one of the board members of ILEA (International Live Events Asscoaition) Middle East Chapter, they had a problem!

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