The Zoo Group recently upgraded our website and were a pleasure to work with. Not only have they done a great job in delivering a site that portrays the professional service we deliver, they are also exceeding our expectations in SEO assistance and areas of marketing. I am particularly grateful to Kevin for being so flexible and supportive, thank you - we are very happy with your service!

Victoria Moss - CEO - RelocateMe Victoria Moss

This site is a prime example of why you should get to know your web-developer, Victoria had a site built by a British guy, he charged her a small fortune for it and frankly it was garbage, not only was it a 'bespoke' CMS which was almost unusable but every time she wanted to change something he came up with an excuse of why it couldn't be done or wanted ridiculous amounts to make the changes. That makes us mad...

Not only have we re-developed Victorias' website we also have helped her with her digital marketing and so finally she had a website design that matched her professionalism and allowed her to update her site as and when she required.


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